We team up with strong founders to jointly incubate ventures, or join them around Series Seed - Series A stages.

By leveraging our expertise and strong network into the worldwide venture scene, we help founding teams

accelerate their path to growth. With deep relationships to private, as well as institutional co-investors, we help our portfolio companies gain the required capital and support them with access to best practices, minimizing

expensive errors and maximising chances of success.


Our ventures receive hands-on support in the fields of:

• Fundraising (strong network to wealthy private individuals, family offices and top-tier VCs)

• Strategic development

• International expansion

• Recruiting of key management team members

• Business development, facilitating global partnership opportunities

• Investor relations & governance

• Exit considerations


We are passionate about working with strong founding teams who have the ambition to solve really big problems.

The entrepreneurs we work with are fully devoted to their idea, and so convinced of its potential, that they regard our day-to-day challenging as beneficial and constructive feedback for realizing their vision.

We appreciate data-driven, rational decision makers who do not forget about the importance of people and culture in realizing their visions and scaling their companies.